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May 3, 2018
Deputy Defense Minister Inpects Accommodation
May 3, 2018

World Hygiene Day

The  World Hand Hygiene Day was marked  at the 37 Military Hospital, for the first time, on Friday 5 May 2017 at the forecourt of the hospital’s Boardroom on the theme ‘’Fighting Antibiotic Resistance, It’s In Your Hands’’.

The day was to sensitize and educate health personnel and the general public on the need to fight germs by washing of the hands in the right manner and frequently at all times.

The Commanding Officer (CO) of the hospital Col Michael Yeboah Agyapong commended the team for such an exercise and advised everyone to get involved and practice the proper way of washing of the hands to avoid infection through the hands since the exercise is affordable, effective and the cheapest way of fighting infection.

The Deputy Director Nursing Services (DDNS) and   facilitator of the exercise Mrs Judith Asiamah who made a demonstration of the proper way of washing of the hands together with the Commander of the Hospital Brig Gen Ernest Crosby Saka (Jr) and the CO, Col Yeboah-Agyapong emphasized that the exercise was to educate everyone especially health personnel in preventing infection through washing of the hands frequently with soap or hand sanitizer.

The DDNS hinted that there are four ways of washing of the hands. These are the social or routine, ideally or medical, the use of hand sanitizer only and the surgical aspect. Adding, they are done in the form of using soap and water or a sanitizer.

As the representative of the region, she trained other health personnel of the facility who are called ‘’The Focal Persons’’ to also train others in the proper way of washing of the hands.

She demonstrated on the posture to be used and how the hands should be washed with members of the team wearing a T shirt with the inscription ‘’Breaking the Chain of Infection, Infection Prevention and Control’’.

The coordinator of the programme was Dr. Attipoe.

Present to witness the occasion were medical and non- medical staff of the hospital to witness the demonstration.


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