This Department shall;

  • Drafting and updating procedures (Audit Programmes) to guide audit staff and the approach and methods to be use to conduct audits, assess controls, verify assets, inspect records, and ascertain compliance with the standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing, as applicable to the Medical Services.
  • Collaborate, coordinate and monitor the submission of NHIS claim forms and reimbursement of behalf of the Medical Services.
  • Manage the Accounting, NHIS and Budget within GAFMS.
  • Oversee the GAFMS transaction processing systems and all financial relationship with Bankers.
  • Collate all reports from the deputy CFO’s and present financial statement to the board of directors of GAFMS
  • Maintain relations with external and internal auditors, and comply with their findings and recommendations.
  • Monitor cash balances and cash forecasts.